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New Pointe Communities, Inc.

New Pointe Communities, Inc. has been working with California Premier Roofscapes since our inception in 2007. California Premier Roofscapes keeps on schedule by properly ordering their roofing material with enough lead so it is on the job site when our construction manager is ready for the roofs to be loaded. The installation has always been of the highest quality and each project has been completed within our allotted building schedule. California Premier Roofscapes bids have been the most reasonably priced and the quality of work is of the highest caliber. We have solely used their high standards for quality work, install in a timely fashion, and keep open and honest communication throughout the project.

Tyler Sandstrom
Project Manager,
New Pointe Communities, Inc


Bud & Katie Stratton

We are so glad we chose California Premier Roofscapes for our roofintegrated solar system on our new home. From the first appointment withthe salesman to the start-up of the system, and beyond, California Premier's representative was readily available to answer all our questions. Their sales representative and the installers did exactly what was promised, from start to finish, and tailored a system that is meeting our needs beautifully. We will continue to recommend this company to anyone contemplating a solar system installation.

Bud and Kati Stratton


New Pointe Communities, Inc.

To whom it may concern, After thoroughly enjoying watching our electric meter spin backwards because of a solar electric system we had installed on our houme when it was new we decided to expand the system. The existing system worked great but because of the size of our home (5,000 sq. ft.) we still had an electric energy cost of approximately $1,750 per year.
We elected to expand the existing solar electric system using the same integrated solar panel/roof tiles provided by CalPrem Solar so the appearance of our new home would not be cluttered with panel mounted solar arrays. When considering the investment in additional solar panels from CalPrem Solar we calculated the payback to be above 12 percent. We could not buy a stock with that same guaranteed rate of return.
CalPrem Solar has been very responsive to our project. They completed the design drawings, obtained the building permits, and installed the panels and inverter on schedule. They even coordinated with the power company and assisted us in applying for the rebates.
We also received timely project updates from Chad Young.
We highly recommend CalPrem Solar. We have had many contractors at our home in the last year. I wish they were all as competent as CalPrem Solar.

Rick E. Kneeshaw, M.A.


Ken & Vikki Brush

Dear CalPrem Solar,
Thank you for your exceptional performance in constructing a 5.00kW PhotoVoltaic System for our house in Rancho Penasquitos. We are very happy and quite satisfied with the product and the all around experience.
We were pleased with the CalPrem explanations of our energy consumption profile and realistic viewpoint of the estimate of an expected production output of the proposed 5.00kW system.
The Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic (BIPV) system and new concrete tile roof blend together to present an esthetically pleasing appearance. We have heard nothing but wonderful comments from neighbors and those who pass by our house. We are nearly 100% energy sufficient and the electrical utility company will not be able to hit us with any more rate increases.
The new roof and solar system were installed in a timely manner and the final product was finished on time without any interruptions. We feel that CalPrem was very well organized and that you know every "in & out" of the BIPV production so much so that your project performance deserves an A+.
It was a pleasure working with you for you brought an honest and ethical relationship to our business dealings. We were exceptionally happy in your well mannered presentation and communication style that kept us informed every step of the way.
In closing we would just like to say that if we ever have any desire to purchase a new home or remodel another house that we would definitely call upon CalPrem for an new BIPV cystem, and for all of our roofing needs.

Kenn and Vikki Brush