Composition Shingle Roofs

Composition shingle roofs remain a popular choice in Southern California, particularly on older homes. Shingles are generally rated with a 20-30 year warranty and are provided by manufacturers such as GAF, CertainTeed and IKO. New environmental regulations in Southern California have led to innovations such as "cool roof" shingles that noticeably benefit the climate of your home during summer months. Radiant barriers can also be installed under shingles to limit the heat transfer into an attic, therefore also helping to cool your home. Shingle roofs do have less-noticeable advantages as well, such as the lowest cost to retrofit a solar array (photo-voltaic) to an existing roof. Whether you prefer the look of composition shingles or require them due to your structure, California Premier Roofscapes can help to install a reliable and efficient composition shingle roof using our certified installers.